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Sports & Games

Extending education beyond the confines of the classroom, the School cultivates values of team spirit, discipline and healthy competition through a variety of sports activities including skating, athletics, kho-kho, badminton, basketball, handball, physical fitness, chess, table tennis, cricket, volleyball, football & yoga.

Art & Craft

To bring out creativity, curiosity and the power of imagination within a child, our students participate in a host of art and craft projects. Students are encouraged to explore their creative talent through a variety of mediums that include clay, fabric, sand, paint, paper, and many others.

Music & Dance

Extending Music & dance are integral parts of the curriculum, our students have the opportunity to pursue music & dance with the help of extremely talented teachers. Specialized training is provided for both the co-curricular activities.

Yoga and Meditation

School curriculum these days are found to be too much focused on students’ cognitive domain, but intelligence quotient has absolutely no correlation with leading a healthy, happy and successful life. Thus, the need to work towards emotional and spiritual intelligence and raise the emotional and spiritual quotient became the motivation for Krishna Vidya Niketan to make ‘Yoga and Meditation’ an important part of our School curriculum. Raising children’s concentration levels, increase their natural abilities whilst introducing new ones and increasing the ability to assimilate concepts faster were some other reasons for taking ‘Yoga and Meditation’ as a catalyst.


Opportunities to learn in Different Situations – with this feeling in mind the present day education system is not only academics based but also relies on activities and experiences outside the classroom. The school creates a vital link between learning in the classroom and the equally important topical learning from the school of life outside the classroom. The school has scheduled yearly picnics and field trips for each and every class from Nursery to XII. The focus is to provide thrilling kid’s camps and other excursion activities leading children to improve their mental and physical abilities. Throughout the school’s existence, we have organised educational field trips, picnics and outstation trips to make students acquainted with our glorious past, beautiful locations and insightful places in our country. These trips are in a sense the conglomeration of fun filled activities and learning something new.