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Vision & Mission


Education is a debt which society owes to future generation, in which schools plays the most important role. It has been KVN endeavour since ever to give quality education to make good citizens who have high moral as well as high moral values.

KVN leaves no stones unturned in shaping up personalities, having realisation of right or wrong and incalculating a sense of belonging to the nation and being responsible for shaping the future of our country.

We at KVN aim at overall holistic development of the young ones who always move ahead in life to attend greater heights.


To offer mosteffective learning and knowledge sharing opportunities to students, teachers and the society by delivering the good education and provide valued learning experiences through your support. School has a mission to prepare the coming generation to face the challanges of the next century. The school also emphasize upon all round development of the students for the development of the nation.