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School Curriculum

The school is affiliated to CBSE and follows approved courses of studies from Nursery to class XII. The curriculum is well planned, graded & innovative based on CBSE & Continuous & Comprehensive Education (CCE) guidelines and is designed in such a way that Fine Arts, Life Skills, Computer Learning, Performing Arts and Sports form an integral part of the curriculum. The school offers a rich variety of activities and opportunities for holistic development of personality of each child that helps them to face this multidimensional world better. The school boasts of its well qualified and creative staff who are well versed with the process involved in the implementation of CCE & moreover, excellent communication skills of teachers make learning process more enriching for the students.

Teaching Methodology

Teaching at Krishna Vidya Niketan aims at concept and skill development rather than mere acquisition of knowledge. Our methodology is dynamic so ,as to provide quality education by creating learning processes that will help the children to acquire insight of their ever expanding knowledge and practical experiences, thus enhancing their intra & inter personal skills and team work. Interactive classrooms with modern teaching aids/equipments viz. Smart Boards, Television sets, Computers and LCD Projectors with latest software make teaching-learning an enjoyable experience. School emphasizes participation through discussions, presentations, project works and creative writing. We are of a belief that education is more about application than just information.

Student Evaluation

Student Evaluation is informal, comprehensive, non–comparative and based on continuous observation. It is based on the belief that learning takes place all the time, within and outside the classroom. It recognises an ability to regulate oneself, exhibiting creativity, courage to initiate and attempts to better ones performance. It revolves around the perspective that each child is a unique individual with his or her own special qualities,

The school has completely incorporated the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) into the school system for classes Nursery to XII. The CCE refers to a school-based evaluation of students that covers all the aspects of a student\'s development. CCE aims at assessing the concept and content, attitude, skills, leadership and capacity to innovate. The CCE is a shift from being Exam Oriented and Marks Centric to an inclusion of the Attitudes, Values, Abilities and Achievements of the learners, reducing stress and giving them an opportunity to build on their strengths.

Technology as a Catalyst

Understanding the very fact that information and knowledge are growing at an exponential rate, the fastest in the history of mankind so far, we are working towards adopting technology to keep pace with the rapidly changing times. Teaching - Learning at the school is supported by the latest multimedia technology. Most subjects are integrated with technology and teachers use online videos and links to either explain a concept or evaluate understanding of the students. All Classrooms are equipped with Interactive White Boards and Digital Content is mapped to the curriculum to enhance the Teaching - Learning experience for students across grades. Efforts are on to integrate ICT at a higher level into the curriculum so as to challenge pupil’s understanding and promote greater thinking and reflection.


Acknowledging the efforts put in by students and their families in securing outstanding results in the school\'s internal and CBSE examinations, we awards several merit based scholarships every year. A number of incentive schemes by the school provide motivation and positive reinforcement to the students to excel their own efforts; “I did my best” badges and “Smileys” are given to encourage students. The school has even introduced many incentive programs for those achievers whose achievements may not be the BEST but show improvement, to make sure that even the slow achievers get an opportunity to be awarded and feel proud of themselves.